Hilary Duff Doesn’t Want To Talk About Aaron Carter’s Undying Love For Her

Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter ended their relationship in 2003 because he allegedly cheated on her with Lindsay Lohan. I probably would have broken up with him because he’s was Aaron Carter, but then again I have standards. Anyway, Carter has gone on record as still pining for Duff and at the iHeartRadio Awards, she got her chance to address this remarks. From US Weekly:

Asked about Carter’s recent romantic revelations while attending the iHeartRadio Music Awards at L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium on May 1, the newly separated singer-actress replied, “I don’t have an answer to that.”

Well, that’s pretty cold. And what does Aaron Carter have to say about that?

“[My tweets weren’t] meant for the media or anybody like that — I didn’t think about it, really,” he told Entertainment Tonight last month. “I wasn’t really looking for [a response] either. I’m sure she got the message.”

It’s nice to see a celebrity be a hypocrite all in one breath. “I didn’t mean to throw that spear and hit someone, but thankfully it hit them and they’re dead.” The good thing here is that one half of this celebrity duo has a bit of sense, at least that’s what I gather from Duff’s advice for her younger self.

Duff would do a few things in her life differently, too — namely, give herself a break. Asked at iHeartRadio what advice she would give her younger self, the star thought about it for a minute and then said, “We all put so much pressure on ourselves when we are younger, and everything seems like the biggest deal in the world.”

She continued: “But no matter what happens, everything is going to keep going, and you’re going to make it through. Hold your shoulders back and hold your head up high, and be confident — because at the end of the day, you’re gonna feel good with that.”

And I would add,  “never date the younger brother of a guy in the Backstreet Boys.” At least she steered clear of O-Town. I think we should all agree to forget the early 2000’s. Those were dark times.

(Via US Weekly)