Hit-Boy And The Alchemist Took Turns Using Each Other’s Creative Beats On ‘Slipping Into Darkness’

In a fun pairing today (March 10), Hit-Boy and The Alchemist released an insanely creative video of their new collab “Slipping Into Darkness,” where they took turns performing over each other’s instrumentals.

“F*ck all the talk / Just cut the check and split / Floor sinks while I’m sipping / My piña colada was dripping,” Alchemist raps. “But I never get to slipping in the darkness / Never catch me slipping in the darkness.”

Then, the beat seamlessly shifts from a thumping loop to Alchemist’s turn as he gives Hit-Boy a piano instrumental. The duo are filmed performing from a clothing store, where they have their gear hooked up too.

“I’m not for everybody, but I am who I am / I am what I am / No back and forth,” Hit-Boy starts on his verse. “That’s how you smother out the nonsense / I’m hungry as a hostage / They hit me with the blockage, but I made it out the gauntlet.”

After Alchemist posted the video of their performance to social media, fans instantly buzzed about how much they loved it. “Alchemist over a Hit-Boy beat Hit-Boy over a Alchemist beat. let’s do it,” Hit-Boy captioned the post.

“This is everything, PLEASE drop an album of tracks like this. This is what collaboration is at its finest. The creativity here is WILD,” one person wrote.

“I’d listen to a whole project back and forth like this,” another agreed.

Check out the full “Slipping Into Darkness” collaboration video between Alchemist and Hit-Boy above.