How Eight Seconds Of Taylor Swift’s Static Became The #1 Song In Canada

In an apparent nod to her musical idol John Cage, Taylor Swift released a song from her new album yesterday, titled only “Track 3,” that’s just eight seconds of static. It instantly hit #1 on the Canadian iTunes charts. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 4′33″.

The file appears to have found its way onto the iTunes store by accident, claiming to be “Track 3” off the singer’s upcoming album 1989.

Given that Swift did release an actual single from the LP yesterday, “Welcome to New York,” many fans presumed this to be her next offering and went straight to downloading it without playing the sample of the track first. (Via)

Eight seconds of static > three minutes of farting > eight minutes of belching > “Welcome to New York”

Via the Indepedent