Is BMW Teasing A Frank Ocean Collaboration?

People love to speculate about Frank Ocean. To be fair, the “Ivy” singer is ever-mysterious and hasn’t released an album since the 2016 instant-classic Blonde. When rumors circulated about a Coachella performance, fans flipped out, and they ended up being right: He’s set to headline April 16 and 23.

Now, BMW are sparking conversation about a possible ad with Ocean. The company shared a clip at Coachella with an orange BMW E30 M3, which appears on the artwork of Ocean’s Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape. The caption encourages conspiring: “The past meets the future this week. As far as what comes next, we’ll let you guys prophesy.”

To Ocean fanatics, this seems like an obvious clue. They’re hoping that this means Nostalgia, Ultra will finally come to streaming. It came out in 2011, self-produced and released via his Tumblr. However, he got in trouble with The Eagles’ Don Henley for sampling “Hotel California” in his song “American Wedding”; Henley threatened to sue if he even performed the track.

Last year, there were rumors that Ocean was in talks with A24 and 2AM about writing and directing his own feature film. It wasn’t that surprising considering he wrote and directed the 46-minute film Endless to go with his album of the same title.