Is Google’s Music AI Open To The Public?

Just when you think technology can’t be more advanced, something new pops up. Before, it was NFTs, and now, it’s AI. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has slowly seeped its way into every facet of our lives, so it’s no surprise music would be next. Google, one of the world’s leading tech giants, announced it had developed a music-making robot that will be able to create “original” audio from texts and prompts.

The Verge reports that Google researchers have created an AI that can “generate minutes-long musical pieces from text prompts, and can even transform a whistled or hummed melody into other instruments.” The model system is called MusicLM.

MusicLM is even said to be able to imitate human vocals, despite having a few kinks, including a grainy or staticky sound.

Currently, there is no way for users to play around with this on their own, but Google has uploaded several 30-second snippets of songs that have been created through this process. The songs were crafted using ” paragraph-long descriptions that prescribe a genre, vibe, and even specific instruments.” Longer pieces could even be generated by one or two-word phrases like “melodic techno” and “futuristic club.”

There is even a “story mode” where the AI model is given a script to modify between prompts.

It has not been announced when the technology will be available for public use, but it will presumably be in the near future.