Is This The Worst Album Of All-Time?

Over a year after putting Sonic Youth on indefinite hiatus, which came shortly after he separated from his wife/fellow band mate Kim Gordon and I stopped believing in love, Thurston Moore announced yesterday that he would be joining the black metal supergroup, Twilight. The group, currently made up of Moore, Jef Whitehead (Leviathan), Blake Judd (Nachtmystium), and Neill Jameson (Krieg), among others, has released two albums for the Total Holocaust Records label since forming in 2005.

I spend a lot of time listening to P*SSY HIPSTER MUSIC, so I don’t know as much about black metal as I, um, should(?), other than what makes black metal black metal: the reverb-heavy riffs are lightning fast, the choked vocals are shrieked and indecipherable, the drumming puts most other genres’ drumming to shame, and when I listen to a black metal song, I want to rip a small animal’s head off and never look at the sun again.

To cure my black metal ignorance, the worst kind of ignorance, I began a journey on Google that included stops at a best black metal albums list, the black metal Wikipedia page (I’m not a very good at the Google), and this Metal Injection article, which discusses Stalaggh’s 2007 album, Projekt Misanthropia. Why is this notable? Because it might be the worst album of all-time. Have a listen, and please turn your speakers way down.

Not to go all grandpa on you, but that’s not music; it’s just noise, not indicative of the rest of the genre, and the story behind the album is really messed up:

Stalaggh have found a small cult-like fan base due to the fact that they actually have mental patients do the vocals for their albums. One particular “guest” vocalist was locked away for brutally stabbing his own mother over 30 times to death at the age of 16. One of the “musicians” was almost murdered by another mental patient who reportedly had uncontrollable homicidal urges during the recording process. According to the band, the sounds of the attempted murder were caught on tape. (Via)

So, dear traumatized readers, that’s my pick for the worst album I’ve ever heard — what’s yours?