All Of A Sudden, Jack Harlow Has A New Album, ‘Jackman,’ Coming Out Super Soon

Less than a year after releasing his buzzy sophomore album, Come Home, The Kids Miss You, Jack Harlow is gearing up for his third studio album. Today (April 26), Harlow has announced his third major-label album, Jackman.

Jackman is set to arrive this Friday, and given the fact that the notice comes two days ahead of its actual release, no prior singles have been released or announced yet.

While we don’t know much to expect from Jackman, it’s not unlikely that the tracklist will boast some potential viral hits. Harlow certainly has the track record to prove it, as songs like “What’s Poppin'” and “First Class” garnered much attention by way of TikTok. In an interview with British GQ last year, Harlow lauded the platform, and credited to it much of the success of his music.

“Almost all big songs blow up on TikTok,” said Harlow. “Now, some songs are literally rooted in some dance challenge that blew it up. But some songs go big, and as soon as they go big they’re gonna be big there, because it’s what kids are listening to. That’s where kids are; sorry.”

You can see the cover art for Jackman below.

Jack Harlow Jackman Cover

Jackman is out 4/28 via Atlantic.

Jack Harlow is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.