James Corden Discussed Takeoff’s Tragic Death And The Nickname The Late Migos Rapper Gave Him

Yesterday (November 1), the world learned about the tragic death of Migos member Takeoff, who was fatally shot at 28 years old. Since then, many reactions have poured in, and now James Corden has offered some words. (Corden has met the group at least a couple times: They did a “Carpool Karaoke” segment in November 2018, and the trio was most recently on The Late Late Show for the June 15, 2021 episode.)

On yesterday’s episode, Corden took a couple minute to speak about Takeoff and about Migos. He described Takeoff as “funny and kind.” He continued, “My biggest feeling when I was around him was just how much he loved music. He lived for it, and it was that love of music that essentially willed Migos into existence, by recruiting his uncle Quavo to make songs that they recorded with Windows Movie Maker.”

Speaking of his relationship with Takeoff, he noted, “I got to spend some unforgettable moments with Takeoff over the past few years. He was an incredible guy: warm and generous, and whenever I’d see him, he’d always call me ‘Big Drip,’ and he knew how much I loved that. And I loved being around him and every member of Migos.”

Check out Corden on Migos above and revisit the group’s “Carpool Karaoke” segment below.