Jeremih Invites Chance The Rapper, Young Thug, And The Weeknd To ‘Pass Dat’

08.20.16 3 years ago

One of the highlights from Jeremih‘s excellent Late Nights: The Album is the bouncy “Pass Dat.” Following The Weeknd’s remix from last year, the Chicago crooner has upped the ante by recruiting Chance the Rapper and Young Thug for a new version of his own. The updated track features Jeremih’s verses from the original, along with The Weeknd’s verse from his own remix.

Chance turns in 16 bars about a woman “badder than Rashida Jones” who is “a real one” stuck in the street life, as Thugger’s bicken back being bool with some rhymes about Balmain and Bape in his signature warble. And although The Weeknd’s verse is recycled material, he may have the best contribution to the track.

“If you’re not with me, I feel bad for your team
You should cut them off, you can follow your dreams
Now the tour is done, I’mma have me some fun
Mix up that xan with a kickstand
Strip club lit up cause the wristbands”

“Pass Dat” (Remix) is obviously a cut and paste posse cut, but in this case it’s not a bad thing. Each artist brings their A game and makes Jeremih’s party sound even more fun than the original. In other words, it’s the perfect song to get lit on the weekend. Listen below.

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