Jim Jefferies Tried To Give His Niece A Surprise From Justin Bieber, But Things Went Awkward Quickly

Jim Jefferies tries to parlay a backstage encounter with Justin Bieber into some awesome uncle points with his niece, only to have her completely ruin it by dissing the young Bieber and making him look foolish. Jefferies recounts the tale on Conan and throws in a few hilarious details about Paul McCartney’s love of anal jokes for good measure.

The thing to take away from this is that Justin Bieber refers to his fans as “Beliebers” and it wasn’t just a concoction of some slicked up jackals in suits trying to create a trend. That or Jefferies is lying, which he could be in order to tell a great story. It’s hilarious though and almost makes you wish FX didn’t cancel Legit. Almost. His stand-up is much better though.

(Via Team Coco)