Jim Jones Sheds Tears While Speaking On His History With Cam’ron And Dipset

Jim Jones is in celebration mode this week after having signed a new deal with Roc Nation. He stopped by Hot 97 to discuss specifics of the deal but wound up going very in depth about the glory days of Cam’ron and Dipset, the break-up and ensuing fallout along with a whole lot more.

When it came to his early work with Cam’ron, Jones made it clear he embraced doing whatever was necessary to make his childhood friend a star. “I was everything; I was the hypeman, I was the road manager, I was the manager, I was the security,” he says. “Everything you could name, I was it for Cam,” he said.

As the convo continued, he shifted into speaking on the Diplomats movement as a whole. He got so worked up that tears well up in his eyes and eventually they’re coming down his face while he’s speaking. “People don’t understand what this Diplomat sh*t was built about,” he said. “If you really get to live this last 20 years that I lived, you would understand, boy. I put everything on the line for this. And I took it with a smile, even when n*ggas doubted me, n*ggas downed me.”

The duration of interview stretches to about 90 minutes but it’s worth the watch for any fan who once clocked every move made by the Harlem crew. It’s not all rosy either, like when Funk Flex brings up Max B and it’s clear there’s no love lost on Jimmy’s side. “He can die where he stand, but I don’t have the time to talk about a man in jail,” he said. “You violate me a certain type of way, that’s for life…Let’s see how long it takes for him to come out. If he comes out and I’m still into it, I’mma bust his ass.”

Watch the full interview above.