Michael Phelps Absolutely Loved Jimmy Fallon’s VMAs Sketch About Ryan Lochte

The VMAs may have been dominated by Beyonce and Rihanna, but amidst all of the heavily-costumed SLAY QUEENs, a late-night talk show host took the stage to do what he does best — make softball topical jokes about whatever famous person most recently made embarrassing news. And would you look at that, Ryan Lochte is still on the board! So Jimmy Fallon waltzed on stage in a white-blue wig and a tracksuit and did quite possibly the most mailed-in impression of his entire life before presenting the award for Video of the Year.

Pretty much all Fallon did was lie about stuff, and silently plead with the audience, “Get it? Because Lochte lied? Like, do you get it?” Lochte’s former teammate and longtime friend Michael Phelps wasn’t in it for the subtlety, however – Fallon had him at “white-blue wig.” It’s like a Comedy Central Roast, when the jokes are too easy but if you know the subject well enough, you laugh anyway because it’s true and you’ve wanted to be that mean to your friend for forever.

At least there’s one definite positive from this moment: Now that Jimmy Fallon has done it, the internet can safely move on from making fun of Ryan Lochte.