Joe Budden Jokes That Logic Is ‘Reverse Bullying’ Him Over His ‘Worst Rapper’ Comments

In all of the odd feuds that dot the hip-hop landscape, one of the oddest might be the one between Joe Budden and Logic. Aside from the fact it seems not to stem from any sort of personal animosity between the two rappers, it’s been marked more by passive-aggressive swipes on podcasts and radio shows than diss records or public fisticuffs.

The latest twist in their saga finds Joe Budden responding to Logic’s assertion that Budden’s loud proselytizing of Logic’s supposed wackness led to Logic’s depression. In a recent interview with Hot97, Logic said that despite never having met Budden, the podcaster’s opinions had a negative impact on the video game streamer’s mental health. “This dude doesn’t like me for whatever reason,” he said. “He wants to say I’m not Black enough, I’m not good enough. He’s a person who’s led to part of my depression and some of my darkest spaces.” Logic punctuated his lament with a direct address to Budden: “Your words, they make people want to kill themselves, bro. And that’s a real thing.”

Rather than responding directly, Budden — who previously apologized for raining on Logic’s retirement parade, but not for dissing Logic’s rap skills — went to Twitter with more sarcasm. “Logic is reverse bullying me,” he tweeted. He also spared a few retweets for fans who jumped in to rip him, giving an “lmao” to one who said Budden’s music was enough to make listeners suicidal.

Check out Joe Budden’s tweet and Logic’s interview above.