John Cusack Recreated The Boombox Scene From ‘Say Anything’ At A Peter Gabriel Show This Weekend

I have a theory that at some point in every white guy’s teenage years, he wants to be John Cusack. Whether it’s the music nerd Cusack from High Fidelity, the assassin Cusack from Grosse Pointe Blank, or the borderline suicidal Cusack from Better Off Dead, there are no wrong answers, unless you pick a Cusack movie post-2000.

I, for one, wanted to be the romantic/aspiring kickboxer Cusack from Say Anything, to the point where I had a poster of the famous boombox scene in my bedroom. This was a few years before I realized girls weren’t exactly clamoring for a guy who owns a copy of Peter Gabriel’s So.

But this weekend, Cusack and Gabriel reunited and briefly made themselves seem cool again by (sort of) recreating Lloyd Dobler’s grand gesture to Diane Court at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl. Watch it below, via Consequence of Sound, and marvel at how from afar, Gabriel now looks like Mike from Breaking Bad.