John Mayer’s ‘Paper Doll’ Is Probably A Taylor Swift Diss Track, Right Down To Its Prancercise-Laden Video

Taylor Swift previously denied that her song, “Dear John” was about John Mayer, telling Glamour magazine last year that she would “never disclose who my songs are about” and that it was “presumptuous” of Mayer to claim that he was “humiliated” by one of her song. Mayers, of course, is 12-years older than Swift, so while you might think that he’d be above writing a retaliation track about her, he’s apparently not.

Enter “Paper Doll,” Mayer’s latest single that was uploaded to YouTube today accompanied by a delightful video that features Prancercise creator Joanna Rohrback once again showing off this year’s most celebrated fitness routine. But Rohrback’s dance moves take a back seat to the lyrics, as people are trying to decipher them to decide if this is indeed the easy listening crowd’s version of a diss track.

For example, the chorus:

“You’re like 22 girls in one, and none of them know what they’re running from. Was it just too far to fall? For a little paper doll.”

22 is, of course, the title of Swift’s mega-hit from her album Red. Not sold on the numbers? There’s always the line, “Someone’s gonna paint you another sky,” which seems to respond to Swift’s “Dear John” line, “You paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain.” So Mayer can say whatever he wants and Swift can say whatever she wants, but it’s clear that these two need to be locked in a room together until they either get married or squash their beef for good.

And they both could still learn a thing or 22 about diss tracks from “Takeover”.

Oh, and here’s the perfect GIF for any occasion…