Jon Bon Jovi Wrote And Performed A Song For The Graduates Of Rutgers University

Senior Writer

Earlier this year it was revealed that the Board of Governors at Rutgers University decided to present ageless rock icon Jon Bon Jovi with an honorary degree for his selfless work in the community. Yesterday, Bon Jovi took the stage for the Camden Convocation and Graduate Commencement and chose to thank the Board of Governors and this year’s graduating class, not by telling them about how they should embark on their new journeys in life and seize every daring moment along the way, but instead singing that sort of inspirational message to them.

As our resident sucker for cheeseball moments like this, I give Bon Jovi an A+, mostly because of the way he’s so charming and humble as he sets up to perform. But I’m a little disappointed that he wasn’t more honest about life after college. Instead of telling this crowd to write and sing a song or touch the sky while dancing and laughing, he could have warned them about the hard truths. Instead of “Don’t say your prayers, save your amens,” maybe he should have sang, “GINA DREAMS OF RUNNING AWAY, BUT THE COLLECTION AGENCIES ALWAYS FIND YOUR PHONE NUMBER SO YOU’RE SCREWED AND YOUR PARENTS DON’T WANT YOU BACK, SO YOU’RE LITERALLY LIVING ON A PRAYER.”

Or something like that, I’m not really the musical type.

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