Justin Bieber Is In Trouble With The Cops For Pretending Like He Was In ‘Die Hard’

08.07.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

Douche-for-hire Justin Bieber is drawn to controversy like Phish fans to puka shell necklaces, and this week’s installment of “Swaggy Squabbles” involves bodyguards, bow ties, punk bitches, the Hamptons, and Die Hard. According to the New York Post, Bieber allegedly directed his security guards to beat the crap out of a 22-year-old outside a nightclub, all because the bratty baby couldn’t have his bottle.

A source told the Post’s Frank Rosario the fight “was all over a little white H&M bow tie. One of the bottle girls liked it, so Wayne let her put it on. Justin was flashing all these girls with his flashlight. The girl with the bow tie went over to Justin and Wayne followed because he wanted his tie back. Then Bieber’s people got in his face…he eventually got the tie back.

“We thought it was all over, but it escalated outside when we heard Bieber yelling and talking [bleep],” the source continued. “He was screaming in Wayne’s direction, ‘Punk bitch!’ Wayne thought somebody threw something at him. Wayne picked up a small rock and threw it back towards Justin.

“That’s when Wayne heard someone yell, ‘You done [bleep]ed up now.’ Justin jumped out the sunroof of his car and slid down the car like he was in Die Hard…He dropped his shirt and threw his hat and wanted to throw hands. His people surrounded Wayne, who was getting punched from all angles.” (Via)

Rennalls suffered a black eye, busted lip, and bruised ribs, and another nightclub-goer was injured in the ruckus as well. Bieber’s reps insist “he was not involved in the incident,” naturally, but anyone who’s followed UPROXX long enough knows that he’s always the fly in the ointment, the monkey in the wrench, the pain in the ass.

(Via NY Post)

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