Justin Bieber Moved Into A Beverly Hills Condo And Is Already Terrorizing The Sh*t Out Of His New Neighbors

After the fallout from the incident in which Justin Bieber egged his neighbor’s house, causing thousands of dollars in damage (with felony vandalism charges expected to be filed any day now), Bieber has since moved out of his Calabasas home — instead, opting for a condo in Beverly Hills. Bieber is renting two units in the building, both the penthouse unit and the unit directly below it for his “entourage.” OH BOY, SOUNDS LIKE FUN, OTHER RESIDENTS OF THIS CONDO BUILDING.

TMZ reports:

Now here’s the predictable problem with the Biebs living in a condo building.  The neighbors have already contacted the HOA because of excessive noise and marijuana.  And we’re told … cops have been called twice.

A resident in the building tells TMZ, “The smell of marijuana was permeating the floor, especially my hallway which is shared by [Justin’s] unit.”

Neighbors complained last week of a rager that went on until 4 AM.

And there’s this.  A neighbor told TMZ Justin was having a small party Monday where his deck was outfitted with bongs and a bar … and the entire penthouse floor was being hotboxed.

Great idea, whoever made this decision. Justin Bieber was too much of a spoiled, petulant dick to be able to get along with a neighbor who was separated by actual physical land and a high fence, so let’s move him somewhere where he’ll have to share walls and hallways and general airspace with a bunch of other human beings who somehow don’t understand that he was sent here from god to share his gifts with the world. But no, all they can do is complain about the “noise,” and “thuggish entourage” and “suffocating clouds of marijuana.”

Some people just don’t understand how lucky they have it. Especially since I thought he was supposed to be Atlanta’s problem, now.