Kamaiyah Posted Her Matching Tattoos With Kehlani To Show Their ‘Sisterhood Wasn’t Fake’ Despite Their Past Beef

So often in the music industry, artists fall out with one another, causing waves of coverage and breathless speculation from fans. However, their reconciliations rarely receive the same level of scrutiny. Case in point: Bay Area rapper Kamaiyah is pretty fed up with addressing rumors and questions about her falling out with Kehlani, who is also from the Bay.

The two artists were thick as thieves at one point in their careers until 2020 when Kamaiyah declared on Twitter that she “don’t f*ck with” Kehlani after allegedly being removed from the singer’s 2019 single “All Me.” However, Kehlani addressed accusations of colorism at the time, saying “please do not take this bold ass lie and f*ckin run with it.” At the time, I wrote that they could hopefully “get on Zoom or something and settle this out of the public’s eye.”

It seems that’s just what they did, but due to that fact, many folks missed it. When Bay-focused Twitter fan account Thizzler On The Roof (A1 name, by the way) reported on comments Kamaiyah made about feeling overlooked, it apparently drew some criticism from fans due to the prior disagreement. “This post got y’all messaging me about me and Kehlani again so I’m going to address it so we can wrap this up in 2023,” she wrote in response.

“Me and Kehlani talked privately (as we should) and have no issues whatsoever,” she continued. “What happened happened and it’s over. She’s talented, I love her, and that sh*t is dead let it go.” To further highlight the restoration of their bond, Kamaiyah also posted a photo of the pair’s matching tattoos, explaining, “I literally have matching tattoos with kehlani our fallout over business differences should’ve never hit the internet and I apologized 3 years ago PUBLICLY for it. Our sisterhood wasn’t fake, family gets into it all the time ours just got a lil ghetto because of who we are.”

Of course, nothing seals a musical reconciliation like a collaboration or two. Fans can miss out on tweets, but not new music.

Kehlani is a Warner Music artist. .