Kanye West Personally Corrected A Fan Account’s Post About His $1 Million Performance Fee

Kanye West might not be as active on social media lately as he was earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still lurking on the hip-hop blogs — especially when they post stories that might pertain to him. And he’s just as outspoken as he’s always been, only now he sets out to defend himself in the DMs rather than on his public feed — a much more effective strategy, truth be told.

In the latest example of Ye advocating for himself against “the hip-hop media” (actually fan blogs dedicated to reposting freely available information from social media and 2 am Google searches, apparently), Kanye reached out personally to correct a “story” posted by an account called RapThoughtsDaily. And yes, I’m using quotes derisively here and will continue to do so until people figure out the difference between legitimate journalistic outlets and 25-year-old hobbyists posting on Instagram and Twitter for “clout.”

Kanye was featured in a RapThoughtsDaily post about rappers’ performance fees, the info for which they clearly just Googled (see above) without citing any real sources to confirm. Among the rappers listed were Denzel Curry, Tyler The Creator, and Vince Staples; Kanye was given one of the largest figures at $1 million (coming in behind Young Thug at $1.5 million, which… come on. Really?). It doesn’t seem that Ye appreciated being lowballed even theoretically — the account did allow that the freely available info on Google is often way off.

He DMed the account manager to tell them to “please change this,” clarifying that “my performance fee is $8 million.” Whoever manages the account was only too happy to oblige, posting a screenshot of the conversation to the Story and updating the caption to reflect the higher figure. Of course, there’s no telling whether that figure is accurate either but at least Kanye got to see a “blog” make a correction while RapThoughtsDaily got to get a direct message from a celebrity. Everybody wins, I guess. Except for, you know, the concept of journalism in hip-hop, which is currently on life support and getting worse all the time.