Kanye West Is Reportedly Attempting To Revive Donda Academy In A Religious New Home

Kanye West is reportedly planning an attempt to reopen the Donda Academy. His school, which recently shuttered for a number of obvious reasons, has also struggled to retain its past students and teachers following West’s antisemitic rants and right-wing associations. The academy is currently closed for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year but has noted possible plans to return for Fall 2023.

The rapper confirmed the closure in a now-deleted tweet to Hollywood Unlocked, via The Guardian. “Here’s the clout you’re looking for…My school is being shut down,” he wrote.

West, according to TMZ, has met with Cornerstone Christian Church pastor Ronald Nagin on several occasions with the intent of leasing the church space for the school’s new home. Donda Academy maintained a religious presence in the curriculum, which is why the two appear to be seeking a partnership. The publication noted that Cornerstone is currently drafting a lease for West.

However, since the school is notoriously non-accredited, there are apparently classes on everything from choir to parkour. That’s right. Like, “jumping over sh*t” parkour. It also cost $15,000 in annual tuition.

If West’s recent behaviors in the news don’t deter Donda Academy attendees, it’s hard to say what will. Even Rolling Stone published a deep dive into the mysterious school, and the claims in it weren’t great either — including signing NDAs and exclusivity of only under 100 students… Who just have to attend regular school now, following the closure, which begs the question: What’s the point?