Kanye West Says He Owes $50 Million In Taxes: ‘I Get To Learn How To Count’

Kanye West has already taken a big hit to his net worth this year but it looks like things are going to get worse for him. Appearing on Tim Pool’s right-wing YouTube podcast Timcast IRL (alongside other delightful people like Nick Fuentes and Milos Yiannopoulos — note the sarcasm), Kanye claimed that the Internal Revenue Service has put a $75 million hold on his accounts — the ones that weren’t closed by JP Morgan, anyway — as he owed “a lot” of money in back taxes.

He said after questioning his accountants, he found out just how much “a lot” is: “They said, well, around $50 million.” While admitting that he’s “obviously not the most financially literate person on the planet,” he has begun asking the CFOs of his businesses for advice — although it’s not looking good, since one of his questions appeared to be whether not paying taxes is considered tax evasion. The answer is “yes,” Kanye. That’s literally the definition of it. There are whole books about this.

“So now I’m having — I get to actually learn how to run a company,” he said optimistically. “I get to learn how to count, really. “It’s like I didn’t even know where to put the money.” With at least some of it going to child support after his divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized this week, it looks like Kanye’s fortunes have really turned.

The discussion ended early when the host asked him about the backlash from the antisemitic comments he’d made earlier this year. Kanye reportedly “walked off in a huff” when pressed about his thought process.