Kanye West And Future Allegedly Had An OnlyFans Model Twerk Naked In Studio For Them

It looks like Drink Champs isn’t the only podcast making wild claims about rappers and starting drama with its guests. Take the following statements with a grain of salt because it’s easy to just say things when there’s a microphone in front of you, but according to an OnlyFans model who appeared on the Barstool Sports podcast Sofia With An F, accepting an invite to the studio with Kanye West and Future led her to end up participating in the creative process in an unexpected way.

The model, Aliza, tells host Sofia Franklyn that after meeting Kanye in Miami, she received a message from the producer, “‘Come over to Future’s house, we’re in the studio,’” she says. When she got there, though, rather than being a “fly on the wall,” watching them record one of their surefire hits, she wound up naked and twerking for the two stars. “[Kanye] literally just has me come in the studio and get butt-ass-naked and twerk in front of him and all his friends,” she claims. The timing of the session appears to be during the recording of Donda 2. Maybe he was trying to cope with his impending divorce?

The outrageous story does sorta line up with some of what we know about Kanye’s in-studio proclivities though. Kanye told Apple Radio host Zane Lowe that he has a “porn addiction” and collaborators such as Daft Punk and Nicki Minaj have commented that he seems to use it to get inspired in the studio, watching during sessions, so this could be an extension of that. Considering how far left some sex workers’ stories have gone in recent years though, things could have been worse. But if it really happened, it still sounds bizarre and not a little bit creepy.