Kanye West Thinks Pete Davidson Will Get Kim Kardashian ‘Hooked On Drugs’

Up until now, Kanye West’s feud with Pete Davidson has appeared to be motivated purely by West’s childish inability to let his ex-wife Kim Kardashian move on with her life now that the couple is legally separated. However, it now seems that Kanye has a legitimate concern that Pete will get Kim [checks notes] “hooked on drugs.”

Oh, no, never mind. He’s still just acting like a jilted middle schooler mad his crush went to the formal with the class clown. The above excuse is really one that he gave in his latest spate of Instagram tantrums, which saw him assert that Pete is “in rehab every 2 months” while cosigning a stan’s comment that the comedian is “sneak dissing” Kim somehow.

Kanye also appears to be super concerned by a headline asserting that Pete “enraged” an audience with a joke about having sex with a baby, saying, “Yet another reason why SKETE gotta stay away from my children.” Kanye failed to note that he had defended himself from backlash over his own crude, Pete-bashing “Eazy” video by saying “Art is not a proxy for any ill or harm.” He did not, however, fail to remove credit for the headline, which was initially posted on notorious right-wing propaganda site Breitbart, which is hardly a trustworthy source of legitimate news (of course, Kanye reads Breitbart). Kanye probably doesn’t care though, because however yellow the journalism, if it supports his narrative, he’s all for it.