Fans Spotted Pete Davidson’s New ‘Kim’ Tattoo In The Photo He Texted To Kanye West

Pete Davidson has made some random tattoo choices in the past. The SNL star has a “Shaolin” emblazoned across his abs and both Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Hillary Clinton profiles inked on his body. Now, it seems as though the budding astronaut can add a tribute to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian to the list.

In a recent flurry of texts that Davidson sent to Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West, the proverbial “shot heard round the world,” was Davidson’s photo reply to West’s “Where are you right now?” question. “In bed with your wife,” Davidson replied, with a selfie of his bare-chested self laying in bed.

Surely this image had Kanye fuming, but he might’ve been even angrier had he noticed what appears to be a new tattoo on Davidson’s right shoulder that says “KIM.” For all of the Pete Davidson tattoo enthusiasts, the placement is directly below the RBG tat and the ink looks especially dark (aka fresh) in the image.

The Davidson vs Kanye feud continues to show signs of boiling over after Kanye and The Game made another video for ‘Eazy’ where a CGI Davidson gets beat up. Davidson and Kardashian have only been dating since October of last year, but the tattoo indicates that he is clearly committed to the relationship long-term, just as much as he is still committed to Hilary Clinton…