Katy Perry Gets All Political In The New Issue Of Rolling Stone

Perky pop starlet Katy Perry — fresh from conquering the Internet with her John Hughes-inspired video for “Last Friday Night” — is on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone. The magazine released some excerpts of the feature it’s running on her inside the magazine, and it contains a mildly surprising revelation: Little Katy Perry is evolving into a bit of a political activist.

“It just feels like the thing running our country is a bank, money. I know it sounds like an intense viewpoint, but I’m only slowly but surely getting the wool taken off my eyes. When I was a kid, I asked questions about my faith. Now I’m asking questions about the world.”

“I think we are largely in desperate need of revolutionary change in the way our mindset is. Our priority is fame, and people’s wellness is way low. I saw this knowing full well that I’m a part of the problem. I’m playing the game, though I am trying to reroute. Anyway, not to get all politically divulging and introspective, but the fact that America doesn’t have free health care drives me fucking absolutely crazy, and is so wrong.”

In other words, Katy Perry is growing up, hitting that point when the youthful idealism begins to fade and the real world, the world controlled by The Man, comes more clearly into view. Yea Katy! But man, wait until she hears about the guy who held up a bank for $1 just so he’d get sent to prison for the free health care! She’s gonna be pissed.

This led Village Voice music writer Maura Johnston to wonder if, with this awakening of sorts beginning to take place, Perry’s next album will more political than cutesy fun. This inspired me to re-write the chorus to “Last Friday Night” for Katy, in the event she wants to do an updated, more political version of the song on her next album…

Last Friday night
Yeah we talked about sweatshops
And we flipped off some pig cops
Think we smoked a spliff but I forgot

Last Friday night
Yeah we DVRed Bill Maher
And we rode in an electric car
So we could hang at a vegan bar

Last Friday Night!

You’re welcome, Katy Perry. You’re welcome.

Also, here’s video of her Rolling Stone photo shoot with pervy photog Terry Richardson in case this sort of thing turns you on…



(HT: Maura Johnston)