Katy Perry Had To Sing ‘Roar’ Twice After Getting Caught Lip-Syncing

A pop star getting caught lip-syncing isn’t anything to be ashamed of. It’s expected, especially at an award show with a target demographic of 13-year-old girls who don’t even know what a Milli Vanilli is. On Saturday, human-feline Katy Perry was singing “Roar” at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, except for the part where she was singing.

Katy Perry’s mouth was moving, but the (correct) words were just not coming out…The lip movements and the lyrics were not even close to being in sync — Perry’s mouth was a few full seconds away from the playback, creating an incredibly awkward performance. (Via)

Mid-song, a smooth Frenchman halted the performance. “If you don’t mind, we can restart,” he said. “We had a little problem with the sound.” Perry did as was requested, and sang live, but looked uncomfortable (understandable!) while doing so. NRJ released a statement about the incident, blaming what happened on a “bad soundtrack [that] was accidentally launched, taking over the live performance of Katy at the beginning of the delivery tube.”

Make all the excuses you want, calling Katy Perry a “delivery tube” is unforgivable.

(Via the Wrap. Pic via Getty Images)

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