Katy Perry Fans Can Stop Searching For Disco Balls, ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ Has Been Officially Released

In case you were still out searching for disco balls and missed the announcement, Katy Perry has officially released her new song “Chained To The Rhythm” on almost every platform you can access. The lyric video from YouTube is above, but you can download or stream the song on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon immediately if you want to.

Fans were clearly pretty excited for the new track from the get go and took advantage of the lyric video to get them online for everybody to memorize before the Sun rises.

Some fans had already heard the song co-written with Sia thanks to the disco balls being placed around the country, with a few others deciding to record it from those disco balls. This gave those common, unlucky folks a chance to fill their ears with Perry’s latest.

The song also features Skip Marley, the grandson of Bob Marley, is pretty much your excuse to go into this weekend dancing and ignoring whatever horribleness is happening outside your own world. If you’re down or just exhausted by the overflow of information, Katy Perry is here to get you through to Sunday’s Grammys. You might have to get back to reality at some point, but for now, you can dance it all away.