TikToker Tries To Expose Kehlani After Their Starbucks Drive Thru Altercation And She Wasn’t Having It

Starbucks is a place where people go to get their caffeine fix, meet up with colleagues, or simply get away from the madness of the world. But on Wednesday, viral TikToker Christian Williams and Kehlani showed that it’s a place where altercations can take place, though both sides seem to view the situation a bit differently.


Christian Walker posted a video of himself to Twitter which finds him yelling at the Blue Water Road artist for allegedly telling baristas that he is an “a******” and to be safe around him. He even gets out of the car and walks up to their window to repeat what he says while the 27-year-old simply laughs and shows their phone to the camera. Unbeknownst to Walker, Kehlani was actually on a virtual therapy session, which she confirms in a full explanatory video later on and sensibly shows why they handled the situation so calmly, on top of the journey toward peace and bliss they have been on for the last few years. However, this isn’t the full story.

Kehlani later addressed the matter in their own video, saying they were ahead of Christian Walker in the drive-thru line but heard how he was was “losing his sh**” as he filmed the myriad of flags in Starbucks and berated the workers before it was his turn to order. They went on to say he has a history of harassing people within that community — a community he also identifies with — and they simply trying to warn the staff of impending drama. She even confirmed that he did not post the full altercation, where he called her a “b****.”


The most humorous part is that Kehlani also shared a screenshot to her Instagram story of Christian Walker tweeting back in 2016 how he loves them so much despite calling them a “mediocre singer that everyone forgot about” in Wednesday’s video post. The icing on the cake is their Instagram selfie with a kissy face saying “Therapy works babes I’m proof.” In the face of a viral moment that could reflect poorly on them, Kehlani proved those words to be true.

Watch Christian Walker’s video and Kehlani’s subsequent analysis above.

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