Kendrick Lamar Paused A Concert To Share Inspirational Words With A Young Boy In The Crowd

A 9-year-old boy named Kendrick attended his first ever concert in Detroit on Sunday night. Naturally, he went to see his idol Kendrick Lamar play at the Little Caesar’s Arena. And Lamar, who has been creating lasting moments already on The Big Steppers Tour, made this an unforgettable first concert experience for the younger Kendrick and for everybody else who was in and around the concert in Detroit.

While performing “Count Me Out,” Lamar noticed his 9-year-old namesake, who had written on a poster-board sign, “My name is Kendrick. This is my first concert. Can we take a pic.” Lamar looked over at the boy holding up the sign and flashed a huge smile while rapping the song like there was an immediate connection between the pair. Then, he broke his stride to address young Kendrick.

“It’s your first concert? You will forever be great,” he said as the crowd roared amidst all the feels. “You’re great right now – you can do whatever you put your mind to, you know? You understand that? I remember when I was your age as well, dreaming. Lil Kendrick, do what you wanna do in life.”

But that was just the first part of the magical evening for 9-year-old Kendrick. He met his idol after the show, who scribed a note to him on the back side of the poster board. It read: “Young Kendrick, thank you for coming. I’m glad we got to exchange energy. You are special. Continue to manifest the great energy you possess!!! See you next time!!! Luv!!!”

This experience equates to catching a foul ball in your first baseball game. Except instead of a foul ball, the team asked you to play outfield and you caught the last fly ball off a no-hitter. Bravo Lil Kendrick.