Kenny G Is Apparently A Foster The People Fan, As Is Everyone Else It Seems

Up until a few weeks ago I had no idea who Foster The People were, but they came to play a show in my town and it seemed as though suddenly everyone was not only aware of the band, but knew their music intimately. I felt, and still feel, so uncool. No exaggeration, at least a dozen friends of mine contacted me in some way prior to the show to ask, “Hey are you going to see Foster the People”? — and I was too ashamed to respond truthfully by admitting, “I have no idea who Foster the People are!”

But the formed-in-2009 indie band consisting of three soap opera actor looking white dudes from the L.A. area in their mid-20s is taking America by storm, like a bottle rocket shot out of a cat’s a$s or something. Just yesterday, while watching the Saints/Panthers game at a bar, a lady friend turned to me randomly and was all, “OMG I think Foster The People is my new favorite band.” Then I got home later and watched Saturday night’s episode of SNL that was on my DVR and, lo and behold, Foster the People was the musical guest on the episode that included Ben Stiller bringing Derek Zoolander back to life. These guys are ubiquitous right now.

Even better, Kenny G joined them on sax during their performance of “Houdini” on SNL. So basically the band now has the Kenny G stamp of approval, which on the surface may seem worthy of snickery and snark, until you factor in that Kenny G was an early investor in Starbucks, so the guy obviously has an eye for the next big thing. But then again, Kenny G hasn’t been cool since like, 1987, if ever, so there’s always the risk that his stamp of approval will make the band uncool by proxy.

Anyway, here they are performing “Pumped Up Kicks”…

And here they are performing “Houdini” with Kenny G on sax…