Kid Cudi Is The Latest To Declare Barry Keoghan Fandom And Keoghan’s Mind Is Blown

Last week, The Banshees Of Inisherin became available for fans to stream on HBO Max — and record their favorite scenes. One of which is a moment in the movie featuring Barry Keoghan’s Dominic, that is now going viral on Twitter for just how great his performance was.

The clip caught the attention of rapper/actor Kid Cudi, who praised the actor and has seemingly been converted into the Barry-hive. “He is a beast. Wow,” Cudi tweeted, as his fans replied in full agreement.

Keoghan caught Cudi’s post, and offered a reply of his own. “WOWWWW! This means a lot brother, Thank you,” he responded, complete with a red heart emoji.

Cudi’s tweet comes on the heels of other celebrities offering their support for Keoghan’s acting skill. “This is just an appreciation tweet to say that my boy @BarryKeoghan in The Banshees of Inisherin is my favorite performance of the year. Stunning work. I’m so proud of you,” wrote Kumail Nanjiani. He is also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor — Motion Picture.

As for the fans, they had even more creative reactions to Keoghan and Cudi recognizing each other’s brilliance. “I assume you’re going to love this tweet……………day and nite?” one user joked, referencing Cudi’s biggest song.

Welcome to the fandom. We’ve had a great year.