Kid Cudi Clapped Back At A Twitter Troll Upset Over His ‘Poopy Pants’ Tweet: ‘I Don’t Care What Anyone Thinks’

Recently, Kid Cudi has been more open to receiving criticism from fans. The entertainer shifted his musical direction following negative feedback on his past song. However, the “Porsche Topless” rapper is not here for negative Nancys. After joking about his digestive system’s response to McDonald’s new Grimace shake giving him diarrhea for 24 hours, one user felt the beverage was not intended for him because of his age.

In a now-deleted tweet, the user wrote, “No offense, but that drink is not meant to be consumed by people over 25,” to which Kid Cudi didn’t hold back as he clapped back.

“I see people don’t get my humor, and that’s ok, but don’t be an assh*le on here cuz I’m being myself. I don’t care what anyone thinks. Ima always be myself. My silly, goofy self. And my friends and family love me for it,” wrote the entertainer.

Cudi responded directly to the user, writing, “So I’m supposed to, like, lose my childlike spirit because I’m almost 40?? Maybe that’ll be your sad fate, my friend, but ima be a happy, silly dude til I’m old and grey.”

Shortly after the exchange, the user deleted their initial post, to which one of the entertainer’s fans called out. Cudi reacted to the removal of the post, writing, “Exactly. Stupid.”