Killer Mike, El-P Respond To ‘Hipster F*cks’ In The YouTube Comments Section

12.10.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

killer mike el-p

You’re only one YouTube comment away from Killer Mike telling you, “I’m talking about women on bikes, with Woody Allen glass, and fat asses.” What is he talking about? It doesn’t matter. Just know that Killer Mike and El-P momentarily stopped running with jewels to respond to the war on grammar that is the YouTube comments section.

El-P’s a little bit explanatory (“Sometimes we use different references that are even familiar and reappropriate them for our own purposes. It’s called hip-hop”), Killer Mike’s a little bit non sequitur (“Shout-outs to my gay uncles”), and together, they’re the 21st century’s answer to Martin and Lewis. But better.

(Via Noisey)

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