Korean Pop Star Yoon Mi Rae Is Suing ‘The Interview’ For Using Her Music Without Permission

I have absolutely no idea what’s being said in Yoon Mi Rae’s song “Pay Day,” but the creative team behind The Interview liked it so much they decided to use it. Problem is, Yoon Mi Rae alleges the filmmakers didn’t get her permission to use the song.

According to Allkpop:

A representative of Feel Ghood Music revealed through a press release, “It is true that the movie produced by Sony Pictures, The Interview, included [a portion] of the track, ‘Pay Day,’ sung by Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK.”

They continued, “Initially, there were discussions on using the track in the movie. But at one point, the discussions stopped and were left as if nothing was going to materialize. When the movie was released, we realized that the track was used without following the appropriate procedures or contract.”

With all of the money Sony is barely making on its farce of a film, I’m sure they’ll have no problem paying off Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, and the other fine musicians behind the Feel Ghood Music label. Maybe Sony will offer them first dibs on the Sony Music catalog.

(Source: Allkpop)