Kurt Loder Explains The Internet To 1995

Remember Kurt Loder, the longtime MTV news guy who basically was the main source of information about the world for young people before the Daily Show came along? Of course you do! Kurt Loder was part of so many of our childhoods, right? Which is why when he re-tweeted a link to the Peter Dinklage post I did on Friday I was positively giddy. That night I went out and when people asked, “So, Brett, how was your day?” I was like, “OMG IT WAS AMAZING…KURT LODER RE-TWEETED ME!!!” I am not exaggerating. I thought it was that cool.

With that said, here’s a report Loder did on this strange, mysterious internet thing all the celebrities were jumping on back in 1995 that rivals, if not surpasses, the hilarity found in that recently unearthed 1994 Today Show clip about the web. Makes me wonder if people 15-20 years from now will look back and laugh at some of the stuff I’ve written on Uproxx — “Oh hey look there’s these new thing called Spotify where you can listen to any song without downloading it — how crazy is that?” So screw you people of the future reading this in the future — I was here when the revolution started, okay? Where the hell were you?

(HT: The Daily What)

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