Kxng Crooked Responds To Yet Another Eminem Release Date Conspiracy Theory

Eminem fans have once again grabbed onto a conspiracy theory, this time centered around the Detroit legend’s 2020 album Music to Be Murdered By. The rumor is that Eminem is preparing to release a “B-side” edition of that album on December 18. After catching wind of the theory, rapper and good friend of Eminem, Kxng Crooked took a moment out of his Sunday to respond to the rumors.

People had asked Kxng Crooked — who appeared on the original version of Music to Be Murdered By — to confirm the rumors about the new edition. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much to say. “Dear Stans,” he wrote on Twitter, “I can absolutely not confirm ANYTHING that has my logo on it. Sorry guys.” However, he included something strange: a picture of a tracklist that’s been circulating around, inspiring the rumors involving the “B-side” edition.

Was he trying to mess with people? Either way, he seemed to be effectively admitting he could neither confirm nor deny the rumor. The questionable tracklist includes 12 songs, with guest appearances from Cordae, Royce Da 5’9,” Bon Iver, Westside Boogie, Phoebe Bridgers, Ant Clemons, Skylar Grey, and more.

One other curious note: The document bills Cordae and Westside Boogie under their former names, “YBN Cordae” and “Boogie” respectively. Since they both changed their names earlier this year, that suggests the document may be a fake.

You can read Kxng Crooked’s tweet above and check out some of the conspiracy theory tweets below.