Lil Durk Seeks Solace In His Own Company In His New Video For ‘Sad Songs’

Lil Durk‘s new album, Almost Healed, is proving to be one of the buzziest projects of the year. On the album, Durk opens up about love, loss, and a rough upbringing. One of the album’s standout tracks, “Sad Songs” encapsulates the themes of the entire project.

On the song, Durk seeks to right his wrongs, even if some of them were things he can’t take back.

“I know how it feel to be lied on / This ain’t gangster sh*t in my headphones, this a sad song / I can’t vent to you on a text message, it’s real wrong,” Durk rap-sings on one of the song’s verses.

In the accompanying video, Durk is seen alone in his home, as the rain pours down outside of the windows.

Over the years, Durk has not shied away from talking about his emotions. In a recent interview in XXL, he revealed that he sees a therapist.

“You know, it don’t just gotta be ‘I’m finna go take all these drugs, or I’m finna go get my feelings like this’ I got my family, I got my girl, I got a therapist, I got my kids and I got the studio,” he said.

You can see the video for “Sad Songs” above.