Alicia Keys Guides Lil Durk Through A ‘Therapy Session’ Before He Revisits His Pain In ‘Pelle Coat’

Lil Durk is gearing up to release Almost Healed. The album’s spoken-word opener, “Therapy Session” featuring Alicia Keys, establishes from jump that the title isn’t empty. The Chicago rapper is inviting fans into the depths of his ongoing healing process.

Lil Durk released the video for “Therapy Session/Pelle Coat” on Thursday, May 25 — combining the album’s first and second tracks visually. The Steve Cannon-directed cinematic experience begins with Keys’ omnipresence. She and Durk aren’t physically in the same space, but he’s listening intently to her as she acts as his therapist.

Keys asks Lil Durk about his state of mind when he “heard the news about your friend, Von, passing away on November 6, 2020, and then the loss of your brother on June 6, 2021.” She validates how devastated Lil Durk must have felt before encouraging him “to feel completely safe in this room” and “express your vulnerabilities.”

“Today is May 26,” Keys says. “Remember that you don’t have to go through this alone. I’m here to listen. You have the voice in this room. I wanna hear from Durk Banks.”

Abruptly, we see Lil Durk startled in his car at night. Was that scene all a dream? A repetitive rumination cycle in his mind as a byproduct of buried trauma? A tear falls from his eye as the video transitions into “Pelle Coat,” and the rest of the video follows Lill Durk retracing the past.

“Therapy Session” and “Pelle Coat” following Lil Durk’s previously released Almost Healed single “All My Life” featuring J. Cole. He’ll take it all out on the road for his Sorry For The Drought Tour later this year, beginning on July 28 in Tampa, Florida.

Watch the video above.

Almost Healed is out 5/26 via Alamo Records/Sony. Find more information here.