Lil Nas X Posted A Photo With Will Ferrell, Who ‘Couldn’t Resist Getting A Good Hand Full Of This Big Fat Ass’

Lil Nas X has unlocked a new achievement after releasing many No. 1 hits, having “Old Town Road” surpass a billion YouTube views, and becoming League Of Legends President: “WILL FERRELL CAME TO MY F*CKIN CONCERT,” he tweeted, including a photograph of them together. “nobody can tell me sh*t.”

The tweet of course instantly went viral and people are going crazy for this unexpected collision of worlds. However, it became even funnier when someone pointed out: “where is Will’s hand?” The “Industry Baby” performer quote-tweeted it, writing, “he couldn’t resist getting a good hand full of this big fat ass. and i couldn’t say no tbh.” He then added a meme to the thread with the caption: “omg if he see this he gone delete old town road from his spotify.”

The rapper also recently caused a stir on social media when making an interesting request for his fans. He wrote, “stop doing poppers at my concert! u do not need ur asshole relaxed to see me perform industry baby!” Then, when headlines came out, he clarified: “aht aht- i said stop doing poppers. cuz ya asshole don’t need to be open while i sing my depression album cuts. if yall wanna do weed, molly, shrooms, paint, gasoline ect. knock yourselves tf out.”