Lil Uzi Vert And Kanye West Met Up In New York, Further Fueling Talk Of Collaboration

Aside from who’ll win which Grammys on Sunday, the major question many want to know is when that new Yeezy’s coming? Lil Uzi Vert might know. The two artists were seen yesterday at New York City’s Search And Destroy vintage clothing shop, and Uzi posted the pic to the ‘Gram. Who knows if the two actually purchased anything – or what they were up to before or after – but it’s good to see Kanye in a good mood. Not only is he a new father, he’s been creative, making music with GOOD music artists, Migos – and Uzi?

Last December, Uzi was filmed telling a fan that he and Kanye have “hella sh*t” recorded. It’s worth noting that in December of 2016, he also told DJ Whoo Kid that he was working with Kanye. He could be just selling his fans an annual Holiday dream — but we’ll take him at his word, especially after they were spotted together.

We hear a lot of people saying that Kanye is working on music, and at some point some of it has to be released, right? Is some of that music the “treat” his engineer Anthony Kilhoffer sent off to mastering last night? Was his recent encounter with frequent collaborator Takashi Murakami about artwork for new music? Why didn’t Everybody Wins – whatever it is – come out on December 31st? What are the “enormous” plans with Irv Gotti? Per usual, Kanye is raising so many questions. Hopefully, they’ll be answered soon enough.

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