Lil Yachty Made An Unexpected Psychedelic Rock Turn On His New Album And Twitter Users Are Blown Away

Rapper Lil Yachty may be practicing celibacy, but that hasn’t stopped him from f*cking the game up. After announcing a full-length project was on the way a few weeks ago, today, Yachty’s new album Let’s Start Here is finally available to the public.

While the “Poland” rapper hasn’t taken a total hiatus from music, making guest appearances on other’s musician’s songs and producing as well as writing for other acts, the Georgia native’s last official album Lil Boat 3, hit streaming services nearly three years ago. Fans were growing impatient, so Yatchy cooked up the Michigan Boy Boat mixtape to hold them over.

Well, the wait seemingly paid off, as his fifth studio album, Let’s Start Here, is all the talk on social media after its release last night. Overwhelming users online praise the body of work for its production quality and its fresh sound as listeners spotlighted the blends of psychedelic rock elements. Some users have even taken it a step further, referring to it as the album of the year (thus far).

As for how the Twitterverse feels about it, people are simultaneously shocked and impressed by the LP and its new stylistic direction (despite the fact he said in January 2022 that his next album would be “a psychedelic-alternative project“). Check out some reactions below.

Let’s Start Here is out now via Quality Control. Get it here.