Little Simz’s New Album, ‘No Thank You’ Came Out Today By Surprise

It’s been a year of high, lows, and now one final big payoff for Little Simz. After cancelling this year’s US tour in support of her fantastic 2021 album, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, because of financial concerns, Simz’s album would up winning the 2022 Mercury Music Prize as the top album in the UK. Then just last week, she announced an upcoming follow-up album, No Thank You. Now today, without any singles or build-up, it just came out.

No Thank You was produced by Inflo, who’s been plenty busy himself, producing three tracks on Adele’s 30 and releasing not one, not two, not three, not four, but five albums at once from his Sault project last month. Mentioning Sault in the same breath as Little Simz makes a lot of sense when you press play on No Thank You, as the first song features Sault’s Cleo Sol, who’s become a right-hand vocalist of sorts for Inflo and also appears on tracks off of Introvert, like “Woman.” Furthermore, the choral, angelic, and cinematic production of No Thank You also feels extremely congruent with what Inflo has been exploring on his most recent Sault drops. It’s hard to listen to all of this music and not feel like it’s all part of a great ecosystem within Inflo’s Forever Living Originals label collective.

You can listen to that opening track, “Angel” above and check out the No Thank You album artwork and tracklist below.

Little Simz No Thank You
Little Simz

1. “Angel”
2. “Gorilla”
3. “Silhouette”
4. “No Merci”
5. “X”
6. “Heart On Fire”
7. “Broken”
8. “Sideways”
9. “Who Even Cares”
10. “Control”

No Thank You is out now via Forever Living Originals. Buy or stream it here.