Lizzo Roasts Black Eyes Peas’ Biggest Hits In A ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch

Fans know that music aside, Lizzo is a magnetic and entertaining personality. She got to show that off to a larger audience this past weekend when she was both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Given that music is her day job, it found its way into the show beyond her performances, including in a sketch about Black Eyes Peas, which pokes fun at the group.

The skit was presented as studio footage from a session where the band recorded multiple hits, and after the group performed a bit of “Boom Boom Pow” for producers (Lizzo and Aidy Bryant), Bryant noted, “Those were actually the temp lyrics that we sent to describe the beat of the track.” Lizzo added, “Yeah, you were supposed to replace them with your own lyrics. You know, like, with words.”

After going back and forth on that song some more, they move on to “I Gotta Feeling,” with Lizzo and Bryant showing amazement at the song’s simple lyrics. Bryant then instructed, “Everyone yell a refrain together, something that feels true to who you are as a group.” The band responded, “Mazel tov, l’chaim!”

They also made a nod to “Let’s Get It Started,” or rather, the original version of the song, the controversially titled “Let’s Get R*tarded.” Noting the song’s title is a work in progress, with just “Let’s Get” confirmed so far, Bryant notes, “It has to be something that we can say forever.” Lizzo assured, “We can figure that out later.”

Historical accuracy isn’t necessarily the most important thing in an SNL sketch (for example, this wasn’t actual Black Eyed Peas studio footage), but it’s worth noting (or maybe it isn’t) that the sketch’s fictional recording session was set in 2008, but “Let’s Get It Started” was released in 2004.

Watch the sketch above.