Lizzo Didn’t Hold Back When Responding To False TikTok Rumors About The Luxury Home She Supposedly Lives In

Lizzo has achieved a lot of professional success in recent years, and as tends to happen when a celebrity reaches that level of prosperity, people start spreading rumors and even resenting them for enjoying the opportunities their talents have afforded them. That’s been happening on TikTok recently and Lizzo shared her thoughts.

Today (December 22), Lizzo stitched a video from real estate-focused TikTok account @mansiontok, which claims that Lizzo lives in a 4,300 square-foot home in Palm Springs that, based on the included photo, is so opulent that it includes a helipad. The video claims Lizzo is “supposedly” renting the four-bedroom, five-bathroom home for $5,000 per night.

Lizzo’s post only included a small portion of the original video before she interrupted, “We need to talk about the epidemic of people believing absolutely anything they see on social media.”


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She continued, “Not only did you watch this video and believe it, but you were so enraged by the content of this video that you chose to step outside yourself and comment on the video and talk sh*t about me, a person you don’t know, a person who you don’t know where I live, and even if I did choose to live in a helicopter-ass pad in Palm Springs, that’s my prerogative! What does where I live got to do with you? People be so passionate about absolutely nothing. Now I know why people say ‘touch grass,’ because clearly all you doing is touching this computer screen, chronically online.”

Lizzo concluded, “Somebody was like, ‘She hasn’t had a hit since 2019, she’s only had two hit songs: How can she afford to live there?’ If that’s not the most broke b*tch mentality comment I’ve ever heard… keep that energy away from me.”

Check out the video above.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.