Cecily Strong Gives Lizzo And Austin Butler A Booming Christmas Gift In A New ‘SNL’ Promo

This week’s Saturday Night Live has a promising set of guests. Hosting the night’s show is Elvis actor Austin Butler, who has garnered much buzz this year for playing Elvis Presley in his biopic. Lizzo, who released her critically-acclaimed sophomore album Special this year, is also having a great year. In fact, this is actually her second time performing on SNL this year. This past April, Lizzo served as both the musical guest and the host on an episode of SNL.

In a new promo for this week’s SNL, Lizzo and Butler appear alongside SNL actress Cecily Strong. Austin introduces himself and Lizzo, the latter of who proceeds to ask Strong, “Did you see the presents we left in your room, Cecily?”

Strong, taken by surprise, replies “You guys got me a present?,” to which Butler answers, “Yeah, you didn’t get anything for us?”

Strong then answers, “Yes, I did,” then proceeds to pull a boom microphone from offscreen. The two are elated upon receiving their new gadget.

“Santa came early, thank you Cecily!,” Lizzo exclaims.

“It’s just what we wanted,” says Butler.

Austin Butler and Lizzo’s episode of Saturday Night Live airs this Saturday, December 17, at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC, and streams live on Peacock.

Check out the promo above.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. .