Lizzo Delivered A Powerful Cover Of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Someday At Christmas’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

In her second performance of the night, Lizzo took to the Saturday Night Live stage to deliver a cover of Stevie Wonder‘s “Someday At Christmas.”

Wrapped up in a festive, puffy, silver and gold dress, Lizzo expressed hope for a brighter future and a happy holiday season for all. Joined by a group of equally powerful background singers, the group sang in joyous harmony.

“Someday at Christmas there’ll be no wars / When we have learned what Christmas is for / When we have found what life’s really worth / There’ll be peace on earth,” Lizzo sang.

Lizzo released the studio version of her “Someday At Christmas” cover last month, as part of a series for Amazon Music. Though Wonder’s original version of the song was released over 50 years ago, Lizzo felt the song’s message still rings true today.

“I chose to cover ‘Someday at Christmas’ not just because it’s a classic, but because it’s a reminder to us that almost 60 years later, we are still fighting for peace, compassion, and equality,” said Lizzo in a statement. “A friendly reminder to spread love and kindness this holiday season.”

Check out the performance above.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. .