Logic Explains The Impetus Behind His Grammy-Nominated Single: ‘I Wanted To Try To Save Somebody’s Life’

It should be obvious by now, but Logic cares very deeply about making music with messages (even if his execution often undershoots his ambition). That’s the gist of the new profile mini-documentary about the Everybody rapper from CBS Sunday Morning hosted by Jane Pauley. Of course, the primary focus is the absolutely unreal success of Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” suicide prevention single, which has now gone triple platinum.

Pauley covers the song’s success from the record-setting MTV VMA performance which prompted a 50% traffic increase to the titular hotline and asks Logic whether he had ever experienced suicidal thoughts himself. After he responds in the negative, she wonders why he felt it so important to address the subject. Logic replies that it was prompted by his fans’ messages of support and thanks that propelled him to write “1-800-273-8255.” “They said, ‘you changed my life,'” he shares, “I thought to myself how I wasn’t even trying to do that. If you’re telling me that, could you imagine what I could do if I tried to save somebody’s life.”

Logic’s personal challenge to himself has garnered him a Grammy nomination for Song Of The Year as well as a No. 1 debut for his third studio album, Everybody.