Lorde And Jack Antonoff’s Unplugged Cover Of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Run Away With Me’ Is Astounding

At a small show benefitting the Ally Coalition, a foundation founded by Jack Antonoff and his sister Rachel that is focused on ending discrimination against LGBTQ youth, Antonoff and Melodrama collaborator (not romantic partner!) Lorde joined forces for a stripped-back cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit E•MO•TION cut “Run Away With Me.” Lucky for those who were unable to be in attendance at the small venue, a fan was smart enough to shoot a video of the gorgeous performance from the balcony of the Town Hall in New York City.

Lorde’s voice fits the piano-driven rendition perfectly, giving it a complete makeover while still staying true to the source material. Fittingly, both Lorde and Jepsen appeared as special guests on Bleachers’ recent set for MTV Unplugged. Check out Lorde and Antonoff’s cover above.

The duo also made headlines from the Ally Coalition talent show after dealing with a pro-Israel heckler, who loudly denounced Lorde’s decision to cancel a show in Israel scheduled for later this year. “Oh, come on,” Antonoff exclaimed into the mic. “We’re here raising a sh*t ton of money. F**k that negativity.”

Lorde’s Melodrama is nominated for the Album Of The Year trophy at this year’s Grammy’s, an award that causes more fighting than any other.