Lupe Fiasco Has Been A Ninja Samurai This Whole Time And No One Told Us
We thought we knew Lupe Fiasco. We thought wrong. Turns out in addition to being one of the most prominent lyricists over the last decade, the Chicago rapper has been moonlighting as a Ninja Samurai this entire time. Lupe finally the secret out Yesterday when he posted a clip of himself in a clad in the garb of a Ninja, wielding a sword like an assassin. In the caption he simply wrote, “Samurai Sunday #laidBoyz.”

Okay, maybe this new video wasn’t actually the first reveal he’s made about his secret skills. Lupe tipped his hand a little a few months back when he posted this picture of a sword to social media. Apparently, his love on ninjutsu goes all the way back to the time when he was a kid. “Nothing better than the feeling of a new sword,” he wrote. “My father gave me two things when I was a very small child, an African djembe drum and a Japanese shoto katana sword. Rhythm & Grace. Life & Death. And the saga continues…”

Someone needs to call up David Lee Roth and put these two together. I don’t know about you, but I would pay cash money to see these two do a double demonstration in the art of Laido.